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Whether delivered in the Public or In – House training, the success of SUSHIN programs is measured by practical outcomes – What learners are expected to achieve and how they are expected to demonstrate that achievement. For SUSHIN, answering the question “What did participants learn by taking this course” is insufficient. We also need to know “What can participants do now that they have this knowledge”. It’s an important distinction and one which produces meaningful and practical training for our clients.

SUSHIN strives to ensure its course materials and instructors are the best available anywhere. Our instructors are highly-skilled at bringing practical, real-world experience to the classroom in engaging, relevant and high-quality courses.

Backed by a solid network of educators and instructional designers, SUSHIN is uniquely qualified to support your organization with quality one-stop training solutions from experienced professionals.

Training is a critical part of your company’s performance development initiatives, but it doesn’t start or end there.

Training is worth the investment!

Training is a company's action plan to get its employees to be more productive in their work by building skills, knowledge, aptitudes, and attitudes that align with the company's core values, vision, and culture.

Our training solutions can:
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Job Satisfaction
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Increase Company Image
  • Increase Work-related Safety

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